About Evaporative air conditioning for Hospital

Evaporative air conditioner:

Evaporative air conditioner is the best choice as an air conditioner if you want to experience a constant breeze across your skin. People from dryer climate prefer this kind of air conditioner. There are so many positive features that can be considered as reasons behind that choice of them. One of them is the compatibility with the environment. Refrigeration system at hospital is unable to keep pace with dryer climate like the way evaporative air conditioning system can.

Advantages of evaporative air conditioner:

Evaporative air conditioner which is also known as swamp cooler is a very popular as air conditioner among people especially in southern regions of United States of America. Instead of using the refrigeration system like other air conditioners evaporative air conditioning system function by evaporating water. It is best utilized in a very hot climate with lower humidity. But it also provides some other advantages too, such as –

  • Lower installation cost: Evaporative air conditioning system is lower in the cost of installation. On the contrary, other air conditioning system’s installation cost might have a huge bite on your budget. You can easily install an evaporative air conditioning system for half of the cost of installing a refrigeration system.
  • Lower operational costs: Lower operational cost is another prime advantage of the evaporative air conditioner. The average evaporation system can be operated for one-fourth less the expense of a refrigeration system.
  • Emaintenance and repair: Evaporative air conditioner is also lower in maintenance cost. Evaporative air conditioning system contains very few of the mechanical parts. It has minimized the risk of malfunctioning and also made it easy to maintain.
  • Eco-friendly: Evaporative air conditioning system is eco-friendly. Refrigeration system not only makes the air dry but also uses different chemicals during its operation and some of them cause damage to the atmosphere.
  • Fresher air: One of the primary advantages of the evaporative air conditioner is it provides fresher air in comparison with the refrigeration system. A high volumetric and consistent air flow rate will helpful in the elimination of airborne pathogens.
  • Lower emissions of CO2: CO2, which is also known as Carbon Dioxide release some gasses that can have a negative impact on the environment and also on the people. Evaporative air conditioner hardly releases any carbon dioxide. On the other hand, other air conditioners in relatively large numbers release these emissions.
  • Adding moisture to the air: Evaporative air conditioner adds moisture to the air. It can exceptionally be helpful for people who are living in dryer climates. But other air conditioners actually remove the moisture from the air. Lack of moisture can make it difficult to breathe and also makes the skin dry and crack.
  • Quiet operation: While you are trying to sleep at night, what can be extremely annoying is if your air conditioner is making noise. This can lead you to insufficient sleeping which can make you feel tired all day long. Evaporative air conditioner will not make you anything like that at all. This kind of air conditioners is exceptionally quiet.

The advantages of Evaporative air conditioning system explain a lot why it should be considered as a better option among the row of all other air conditioners. Its lower installation cost, lower maintenance cost, fresher air, and eco-friendliness each and every advantage on your side can assure you that it won’t be a wrong decision if you choose it.

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