Window Film and Child Health

There is no alternative to a security window film to protect the windows of your house or cars from the intruders or any uninvited situation. These films hold the glasses for which it takes longer time for the criminals to broke into the cars or your house. This is enough to alarm you about the danger and take necessary steps. These films can protect the glasses from the natural disasters or any type of accidents too.

With the window films protecting glasses is less costly than the other window shields.These highly useful and your investment will not be wasted. These are made from clear, high tensile polyester with the pressure sensitive adhesive. The films are thickened using multiple layers of polyesters.

Types of Security Window Films

Security films can be of different types depending on their thickness. The most used films consist one or two layers of polyesters. These layers polyester sheets are laminated with adhesives. Generally, the thickness of these films is 4 mils to 14 mils. The adhesives used in the films and the polyesters differ depending on the characteristics expected from the film.

Films are also available in packages of different length and width. Most of them come with the width of 36”, 48” and 60” when the length is 50-100 feet. The strength of these films mostly depends on the thickness. The degree of break strength, tear strength and puncture strength is more in the thicker films. And as the thicker films need more material and time when manufacturing these are usually more expensive.

The vital use of these films is to protect glasses from the sun rays and being broken. That’s why the thinner films are generally used. The thicker films are only used at the places where higher protection is required.


The most common benefits you will get from these films are:

  • When applied to the glasses, these films increases its strength.
  • Security films can reduce injuries during a disaster. In any emergency situation like the natural disaster or bomb blast, the broken pieces of the glasses can be extremely harmful. The flying glasses can even cause death. With security films, you will not have to be worried about such problem.
  • Security films can protect your family from UV rays.
  • It can reduce the heat entering through the window.

Installing Method

Mainly three methods are used for installing security films to the window. These are:

The Daylight Method: In this method, the films are installed on the window using adhesives leaving a slight gap between the edges and the window frame. This method is more appropriate for the thinner films. According to the specialists, this method is not much effective to provide protection to the glass.

The Wet Method: The wet method is almost like the daylight method. The only difference is that the edges are not left open. A bread of special adhesive sealant is applied on the edges which create a strong between the film and the window film.

The Mechanical method: The films are applied to the window using metal batten strips without cutting the edges of the films. This method is more effective than the daylight or the wet method.

Installing the security window films require skills. So, it is suggested to let the professional get this job done.

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