Kratom Dosage – Starter’s Health Guide

Kratom is a very useful herb for the people who need some extra energy or who feel constant fatigue. Kratom is effective to reduce fatigue, blood pressure, anxiety and is able to give the user more energy to work. However, Kratom has stimulant and sedative power. The effect of kratom depends on the dose a person takes. So a person needs to be very careful about the dosage they take. Kratom should never be used for the purpose of getting high. It is difficult measuring Kratom dose perfectly because there is no significant amount that can be used for everyone. Every person’s Kratom need and tolerance are different. Only the person can determine the Kratom need for him/her. It is simple to measure the Kratom need. A person needs to determine his/her own tolerable level and stick to that. The process is simple. A person needs to start with a very small amount. This is not for finding the actual tolerance level. It is actually for finding that the person is tolerable to Kratom or not. So the person should start with 1 or 2 grams of Kratom and increase the amount till it provides a desirable result. Kratom should be used as a stimulant or sometimes as a sedative to remove pain and reduce any kind of anxiety or mental pressure. If the person gets some nausea then it is a sign that the person is taking dosage out of his/her capability. And dosage that is very much over the tolerance level will make the person vomit. So to check the tolerance level the user needs to start with the very small amount and gradually increase the amount so that he/she does not face any problem.

One of the major things to remember about Kratom dosage is that it should be taken on empty stomach. It will provide a better result if the Kratom is taken on an empty stomach. With food, Kratom requires a higher dose. Also, not all the Kratom is from good quality source and pure Kratom is needed in lesser amount compared to the adulterated amount. So if the Kratom is sourced from good quality source then the person should start with an amount of 1-2 grams in empty stomach.

At the first stage, the user needs to determine the capability. It is better if the following test can be done on the weekends. In the morning the person should start with a small amount of Kratom. After 20 minutes the person should feel the energy of Kratom. If the person thinks he/she need more, then the person should take some more. If it suits then the person should continue this amount for a week. For the first week, the amount should be moderate as there are reports about issues of Kratom. However, in the next week if the person thinks he/she need more of Kratom, then they can add some. The process remains same, adding some more Kratom with the existing dose will help to determine the desired spot.

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