Stockert 3T medical device causing infections on patients

Stockert 3T is a medical tool that surgeons use. It controls the temperature of the patient’s body so the surgery is easier to make. Now the manufacturer is getting a lawsuit which is named by Stockert 3t Infection Class Action Lawsuit. It didn’t remember to advice the buyers that there is more risk of getting an infection during the action, especially on heart-related surgeries. Some other claims started against them. For example, manufacturing a product with many defects. In this case the sued company is called LivaNova PLC (Sorin Group Deutschland GmbH). Is the manufacturer of the Stockert 3T is actually getting a lot of lawsuits by affected patients? They were brave enough to sue since lawyers are offering good deals to the infected victims. Due to high percentage of winning the case. One example is a man that lives in Pennsylvania, called Kenneth Piechowski. He had a cardiac surgery done in December 2014, the procedure succeeded. But 5 months later he suffered a stroke by a slow-growing bacterium inside his body. He said the tool the doctors used to get the surgery done did this, as he stated in his lawsuit. Other manufacturers that are being investigated are Terumo NX2, Cincinnati Sub-Zero and Maquet HCU20.

There are more of cases of this infection. This is definitely something we should not ignore. There are more than 500,000 patients that are on risk right now in the United States. Proved cases come from Michigan, Pennsylvania and Iowa with more than 10,000 notified cases. Most of them didn’t want to sue or make the issue public.

Some of the symptoms of this infection are having trouble breathing, losing weight, stomachache, etc. If you recently had a cardiac procedure done at any hospital, with any doctor, and you are dealing with any of these symptoms, do it. Call your doctor right away. Take care of your health and prevent any further consequences. the FDA stated that more than 12 people have passed away due to the infection. The required treatment to eradicate this type of disease can lead to even more issues and more costs. It is better to fight for what we want. Don’t be shy of suing if you feel you need to.

If you wish to send a claim to a lawyer, you definitely can. A large amount of people hasn’t realized the 3T tool produced the infection. Some already sued the manufacturer of this device and most of their complaints approved. We hope this issue gets solved. And all the new patients who are going to have this type of procedures done, get to get their surgery done with another type of tool that doesn’t risk the person’s life quality, as well that the manufacturers start making new medical tools worth of use.

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