Types of Pressure Leaf Filters For Body Building

Pressure leaf filter

This is pressure vessels with leafs that are vertically mounted accumulated on the outlet filter at the center of the manifold. The filters have a valve that is pneumatic controlled and a pneumatic vibrator that enables the cake to be released more quickly. There are two types of pressure leaf filters. They are classified according to the design of the shell. There are the horizontal pressure leaf filters and the vertical pressure leaf filters. The filters can either be used in the vegetable oil refinery plants or the oil mills. They both deliver an excellent filtration results for the oil and assists

One type of the pressure leaf filters is the vertical PLF. It has a pressure vessel which is vertically mounted on the outlet of the manifold. The Leafs in this vertical PLF are clamped on top with a shaft and extended further to mount pneumatic vibrator mainly used for discharge of the cake. Between the discharge hopper and the conical bottom, you will find the butterfly valve sandwiched. To discharge the cake more easily the hoper is operated in an electro-pneumatically way.  There are a Devit arm and some eye bolt that is used to facilitate the closing and the opening of the vertical pressure leaf filter and also allows it to rotate. This also assists in the leaf removal on occasional cleaning. This type of pressure leaf filter reduces the operational costs in such a great way.  It is quite easy to operate apparatus that incredibly add to the production capacity.

Pressure leaf filter
The vertical PLF have a lot of benefits. One you can purchase it when you have a small floor space, and at the same time, you require maximum filtration. It is user-friendly and economical, and it increases the daily production because the rate of filtration is quite high.

The other type of the pressure leaf filters is the horizontal PLF. It is quite good for the handling of corrosive, toxic and inflammable materials. They are designed to work in hazardous environments and when there is a need for safe and high-pressure operations. It is not possible to have this features in an in some filter presses that will need you to open the plates to the atmosphere. You will find two hydraulic cylinders that are mainly used for the closing and the opening of the special bayonet wedge which is placed on the lid. The filtered shell is connected to the external wheel, and the nozzles are connected to the head of the filter vessel.

It has a high rate of filtration, and thus it has a high productivity. The horizontal pressure leaf filter is both eco-friendly and user-friendly because it is made in a highly standardized way. This pressure leaf filters is best when used for slurry filtration and for separating the filtered cake and the filtrate.  It has a compact and closed operation, and this means that there is no spillage. It has screens mounted only on the top side, and this means that it have good support for cake forming and thus can be used to make heavy and thick cakes.

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