12 Steps To Addiction Recovery: Know The Helpful Details


12 steps addiction recovery program or 12 step program mental illness are recovery programs that assist recovering addicts, particularly recovering students, in combating their mental illness, addiction, academic stress, etc. These recovery programs come under different categories under the program AA which is also known as Alcoholics Anonymous. Under AA there are other addiction recovery programs as well to help people cope with different addictions.

Marijuana Anonymous programs help people recover or being addicted to the use of marijuana. Alateen Program is made to help friends or families of recovering addicts, etc. There are other such programs like Codependents, Narcotics, Alcoholics Programs, etc.

However, we will be talking about the 12 steps that are needed to get out of mental illness and their details as well.

12 step program mental illness

12 Steps Recovering Program For Mental Illness:

In all these 12 steps of recovery programs, the counselors first try to restore the people’s faith in God and have a calm and positive mind. Their first mission is to ensure that the people have their faith in the Supreme Power who will not let go of their hands and will be blessing them with grace. After their faith has been restored the 12 steps are being initiated to help fight their inner demons which are-

  • Admittance:

The very first step is to convince the patient to admit that he does have a problem or that nothing is going right in his life. The professionals gently help in understanding everything wrong that is happening in their lives. They also need to accept that whatever is happening in their lives is not their fault, hence they are stepping toward honesty.

  • Faith:

As mentioned before faith in God and everything positive needs to be restored. This step includes a regular sermon, prayer, and positive quotes regarding the Supreme Power. It means they are entrusting themselves to better good taking baby steps in leaving addiction behind.

  • Surrender:

This step helps you to understand that you cannot make everything alright by yourself and do need support to get out of this darkness.

  • Self-Reflection:

This is an essential step towards recovery from mental illness. Here a person realizes the potential they have in themselves and tries to utilize it.

  • Integrity:

In this step, the person confesses to themselves that they were wrong in taking the addiction decision. They realize for the first time that they were distancing themselves from family through addiction and try to make it right.

  • Acceptance:

This step means that the person is ready to accept changes with sheer willpower and support by self-controlling all the bad impulses.

  • Humility:

Here, you are quitting all those egos built due to the negativity inside your mind. You accept nurture over nature and welcome new beginnings.

  • Amendments:

In this step, the person realizes all the wrongs they have done to their families and themselves and starts rectifying them.

  • Willingness:

The person here will be willing to change their normal routine and proceed towards a healthy lifestyle.

  • Maintenance:

Counseling and willpower will not be enough, as one needs to maintain it through action and the recovery program helps the person maintain it.

  • Improvement:

This program makes the person take the first step in connecting with friends and family for a new beginning.

  • Service:

All the above steps create a new and positive personality among a human and through this, they end up learning to help other people like them.


There are no scientific therapies or medications required for this program. With love and support, a person can easily get out of the darkness towards a positive future.


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