4 Traditional Bush Remedies That Have Been Healing Patients For Centuries


Australian traditional bush foods are not only wonders but are also the examples of best holistic remedies. There is a saying that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. But in Australia, a bunch of bush foods helps people maintain a long-term healthy life.

Bush food is also one of the natural sustainable means to keep the environment pollution free. They are natural health and environment keepers. Before, the grandmothers used to talk about the magical benefits of bush foods, but in this era, it has been backed and proven by modern medical science as well. They have been included in the Australian bush medicine book as well. Without further ado, let us meet our herby-doctor friends.

traditional bush remedies

4 Traditional Bush Remedies:

  • Gumbi Gumbi:

The scientific name of this plant is pittosporum angustifolium. The plant is a shrub with little white and yellow-like flowers on top. This plant is the most versatile one on the list and is often found in the drier land in Australia. This bush food is very beneficial for treating colds and coughs and is used to treat the deadly disease like cancer. Scientific research has found that Gumbi Gumbi is an immune system booster with high in detoxing anti-viral agents and antioxidants. It is also used for mental diseases, especially depression.

  • Lemon Grass:

The word lemon always relates to anything citrusy and tangy filled with Vitamin C. Also known as Cymbopogon Ambiguus A. Camus it can be consumed as a concoction or tea and is used for treating cold. Moreover, it is also used to treat sores, blemishes, and rashes on the skin. These are not regular lemon grass as the stalks are thin and are more aromatic. Research has shown that it is also used for relieving migraine attacks as well.

  • Kangaroo Apple:

Also known as Solanum laciniatum it is a natural anti-inflammatory plant that helps to heal any type of deep wound alongside its anti-aging benefits. It helps to get relief from joint pain as well. Although it has the name the apple however it belongs to the potato family. This plant does not grow in the drier parts but in Northern Tasmania which is in the cold part of Australia. One thing you need to keep in mind if you are choosing this fruit that not to choose the green fruit cause that contains poison.

  • Emu Bush:

Scientifically called Eremophila Longifolia, this plant is a bit traditional as well. To be more precise, due to their benefits they are also used in important indigenous ceremonies as well. This plant grows in the coastal part of Australia and is used to treat cold, diarrhea, deep wounds, and joint pain as well. This plant is also called versatile due to its multiple benefits. It is also used as a sterile liquid used to sterilize newborn babies and their mothers.

Just like their variety, these bush foods are unique in function as well. If we know how to use them properly then it will be easy to stay healthy and live a long happy life.


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